About Us


We don’t sale any brands and we do make replicas. 

The main purpose of this website is to salute lerenjack and the purpose of this website is to provide a comprehensive supply of all your requirement in leather jackets regardless of what special require you can have We appreciate the fact that leather coatings of the variety are a time-tested fashion statement that have originated in various parts of the world. We offer you every design you can imagine, thanks to the many styles that begin with each culture. We offer all kinds of custom-made jackets for all kinds of women, men and even junior wear also to ensure customer satisfaction.

Lerenajack is the online brand which was established in 2009 and it sold in every country of the world.Other than the fact that we don’t do our business because the real purpose is that we believe in having a vision of the future that we want you to get your money’s worth. We just not trust in influencing with our clients with whom we di business. You can feel free to visit our site to that see that how transparent our business is.

We take good pride in offering that what we trust is one the best comprehensive assortments’ leather coating online available. We are offer classic vintage that give more retro charm. We have the more demand designs made popular via many media sites.

We are an environmentally conscious organization which is trust practicing business with almost ethically. All raw materials, labor, chemicals are used in accordance to the internationally approved regulations. We trust in our busines method of complete the transparency.

We trust in making a long-time client base that will be interested in doing business this us again.