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Peter Capaldi 12th Doctor Costume Guide

12th Doctor Costume Guide

Shop our 12th Doctor Who costumes worn by Peter Capaldi to get the look of your favorite character for Halloween. You can also wear the 12th Doctor Who costumes by Peter Capaldi at other events and parties. His pragmatic character, who hides his emotions while making difficult decisions, makes him a popular choice.


12th Doctor Black Coat

This 12th Doctor Black Velvet Coat, worn by Peter Capaldi, the most fashionable actor on Doctor Who, will show off your extraordinary personality. The 12th Doctor coat is made of high-quality Velvet material. The 12th Doctor Coat can be worn with the complete 12th Doctor costume or with another outfit. Our 12th Doctor coat is a smart choice for Halloween and other events.


12th Doctor Wool Coat

This is where you will find our magnificent Crombie-style, Peter Capaldi-worn Doctor Who coat. The 12th Doctor Who coat is semi-formal and can be worn with the complete 12th Doctor Who costumes, or with other clothing. This coat is 100% up-to-screen wearable.


12th Doctor White Shirt

This elegant cotton shirt is part of the complete costume collection for Peter Capaldi’s 12th series Doctor Who role. This shirt is 100% cotton and will give you that Peter Capaldi look. This shirt will look great with any outfit. The 12th Doctor shirt is a great choice for formal events as well as official hours. This shirt is essential for any well-dressed man.


12th Doctor Black Vest

You can dress up like the 12th Doctor Who, and look stylish like Peter Capaldi. This 12th Doctor Who vest will make you look like your favorite character at Halloween and other events. You can wear this smart, trendy vest with any other clothing to show off your saucy personality. This elegant vest is made from cotton and features a viscose interior. This 12th Doctor Who vest will make you graceful and attractive to all who see it. This Peter Capaldi vest coat is available at a great price and of high quality.


12th Doctor Glasses

These 12th Doctor glasses are a great choice for classy men. We offer you a Peter Capaldi-inspired glasses replica at an affordable price to give your 12th Doctor trendy looks. This is a great choice for casual wear.


12th Doctor Pant

You can now purchase our 12th Doctor Who pants. These pants are inspired by Doctor Who. Peter Capaldi, the most beloved actor of Doctor Who, wore them and convinced the audience to copy his style. These pants are slim and fitted, giving you a cool look. It can be worn at any event or function. These pants are necessary for Halloween’s perfect 12th Doctor Who appearance.


12th Doctor Boots

These 12th Doctor Boots are a must-have. Click them to purchase first. These boots will make you stand out at every event and party. These 12th Doctor Boots can be worn for official occasions. They are comfortable enough to wear throughout the day.


12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

This safe screwdriver comes with blue and green lights and will give you a complete view of Halloween and other themed parties. This would make a great gift for a friend or relative who loves 12th Doctor Who.


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